Intellek Create beta v1.7.2

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Intellek Create beta v1.7.2

Available October 1, 2021

Enhancements/Bug Fixes


When a Form's Progress Buttons > Show Next option is enabled, the Next Navigation button will always display in text as Submit. Submit will always appear in text regardless of the Progress Buttons > Display As Text setting.  

Submit forms

When editing content, a prompt displays if the content is currently live (if it has been previously published).  Options when editing live content are:

oEDIT LIVE: Edit the live (published) content. All published content points back to the Intellek Create database and we're now able to provide real-time published content edits no matter where you've published (the LMS, HTML or AICC files in other LMS environments).

oWORK IN COPY: Create a copy of the Live version of the content. This is a great solution if you need to spend time editing and reviewing your content and need to work in a copied version to feel comfortable with your updates before re-publishing.  

edit live content

Republishing when using WORK IN COPY: When publishing after using a WORK IN COPY version of content, you'll be presented with 2 options.

OVERWRITE: Update the originally published content with all of your changes, including any renaming of the content. (- copy will be stripped if OVERWRITE is chosen)

PUBLISH AS NEW: This option is the same as cloning another content title.  It will be published as stand-alone, unassociated content.


Change password option from User Settings.

change password

Client Buttons added in default settings.

oGlobal defaults  - Content Library > Defaults

global default client buttons

oContent defaults  - Content Settings > Defaults

content default client buttons



Message Box at start up pushed to front of Z order on screen.

Buttons displaying correctly for last slide/score sheet etc.

Updated Intellek Live Launch MSI available. v5.8



Changed text in Publish screen from Exercise to Assessment.

Text alignment re-instated.