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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – Certificates – Copy a Certificate functionality has been added.

NEW – Library – The ability to Bulk Edit the Course Language has been added.

NEW – Analytics Dashboard – 7 Days has been added to the Period drop-down.

NEW – User Enroll – The now display the Time Zone name on Enrollment Summary.

NEW – Calendar – The Learner Link has been added to the Calendar export from the List View.

CHANGE – Attachments – The attachment link style has changed to show ‘a link’, and an icon display now too.

CHANGE – When clicking the ‘X’ in the Top Bar Search, all search criteria will now be cleared.

1476 – Learning Record – Events are showing the Course Name rather than Event Name.

2947 – Learning Path – When users launch a course, the tree view collapses when you return to the list.

3181 – Learning Path – The Play button is missing for one of our Courses.

3388 – Learning Paths – Cannot deselect a Follow-on path as there is not a ‘None’ option in the list.

2952 – User Detail > History – The Top Bar Search doesn’t find Scheduled Course history.

2954 – User Detail > History – When adding history, there is no Saved notification.

3214 – User Detail > Bulk Enrollment – The Event Selector doesn’t remember your selection when using multiple searches.