Setting up your report

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Setting up your report

This is where you fill out the Report Details and set up the recurrence.

1.Report Name – Give your report a relevant name.

Example:  Security Awareness Training Not Taken or My Upcoming Events.

2.Run report for – Select the desired date range to restrict the report to a specific time frame.

Example:  Prior 30 days or Upcoming 60 days.

3.Link received in email will expire in – The report will be sent to you as a a link in an email. Select from the drop down to indicate how long you want the link to that version of the report to be available.

Example:  If you are running the report weekly, this is where you establish your preference to inactivate the previous week’s link after 7 days.

4.Scheduled Report Recurrence – Click the Recurrence icon icon to see the Recurrence options.

Recurrence Time – What time would you like to receive the Report?

Recurrence Pattern – How often would you like to receive the Report?

Recurrence Range – Specify the time frame you would like to receive the report.

5.Click Apply Button.

6.Email To – You can email the report to anyone inside or outside of your network. If you would like to email the report to a person listed in the LMS, select the Email to icon icon. Alternatively, if you need to specify a group mailbox or someone outside of the network, select the + icon.

7.OPTIONAL:  Include Message in Email – Enter any message you’d like to be sent in the email along with the link to the report.

8.Click Save Button.