Add Dropbox Control

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Add Dropbox Control

The Dropbox control is used to insert a list box containing multiple entries for user selection, such as a list of office locations. The process functions the same as other Form controls.

1.Click the Add Dropbox button.

2.Complete the Form Item: Dropbox dialog box.

The Default Font, Default Font Size, and Text Color fields are automatically set based on the Content Properties for the content file (Content Settings icon in the Navigation bar). If appropriate, change each setting as required.

3.In the Option Label field, type the first possible response.

4.Click the + button to add the response.

5.The Preview area shows the added response. Use the Move (domino) or Delete (trash can) icons to manage the added responses.

6.Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for each response to be added to the Form instruction frame.

7.Click the Save button to save the and close the dialog box.


Clicking outside the Form Item : Dropbox dialog box before clicking the Save button will close the dialog box WITHOUT saving any changes, in effect, canceling any and all changes!