Capturing Steps

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Capturing Steps

The Capture window will open in Stopped mode (the circle button on the Capture toolbar). This allows an author to ensure the application window (e.g., Microsoft Word) is the focused (active) window and in the appropriate state to begin capturing steps and alternatives.

ProdTip  Productivity Tip

We suggest that you write your instructions first and think about what controls need to be captured. This may include writing the controls to be captured as part of the instruction text until capturing is completed. Taking the effort in advance will make it easy to capture the necessary steps and ensure Auto Progress functions as expected.

1.Click the Start button (circle icon) on the Capture toolbar to start capturing steps. See Capture Utility.

2.Click each application control (i.e., ribbon tab, button, right-click, or drop-down list item) or keyboard action in the appropriate sequence for the selected instruction frame.

TPArrowUnder_Construction icon Keyboard events, such as Ctrl+A and other keyboard combinations, are not currently implemented.

3.To continue capturing for successive instruction frames:

a.Click the Stop button (square icon) on the Capture toolbar.

b.In the Capture window, select the next instruction requiring captured steps.

c.Click the Start (circle icon) button on the Capture toolbar.

d.Repeat Step 2.

4.The Capture window will show the steps and alternatives recorded for the selected instruction frame (refer to the graphic in the Capture Window sub-section). (See the Capturing Alternative Steps sub-section topic.)

TPArrowSelect the check box to the left of each captured step to add a BalloonTip to the step.

KeyInfo  Key Information

To delete a captured or alternative, right-click the step/alternative, and then either click the Delete Del box or press the Delete key. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. Deleting captured steps or alternatives must be performed from the Capture window.

5.When finished capturing, click the Finish button on the Capture toolbar.

6.Test your content. Use the Preview button to test.