Intellek Create beta v1.10

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Intellek Create beta v1.10

Available June 13, 2022

Feature Enhancements


Intellek Live Launch MSI

Update available Intellek now uses a single MSI used for clients launching Live Content and authoring Live Content via Intellek Create.

Intellek Live Launch MSI current version - v6.0 available June 8, 2021 - Download the Intellek Live Launch MSI


Improved web control capturing and recognition

Click Match accuracy updated


Content Structure

oAdd categories/sub-categories for an organized display in the Content Library. Assign content to categories/sub-categories in a new, simple tree view.

oSelect previously assigned content to reassign it to an alternate category/sub-category.


oEdit Content to assign it to a category and optionally a sub-category OR create a new category for assigning the content. If left unassigned, content will be labeled as "uncategorized."

edit category

oCategories/Sub-Categories are introduced to the Content Library to provide improved organization and structure. This structure has replaced the personal content and company content sections.

oPublish all contents within an entire Category to the LMS.

publish category

New splash page in the LMS

Click Match accuracy updated

Publish to LMS direct