Intellek Create live beta v1.10.2

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Intellek Create live beta v1.10.2

Available August 16, 2022

Feature Enhancements and Big Fixes



Publish from Intellek Create to Intellek LMS.

oPublish a single content file or an entire Category to your Intellek LMS.  The first time you publish a content file, the content will be published to the LMS using the defined category structure. Subsequent publishing updates will not affect the established LMS content category(s). Republishing to the LMS will affect the Content Name, Description and Objectives, as well as updates to instructions.

publish to lmspublish to lms 2

When Publishing to AICC you can publish content without the Create category/subcategory structure. Note: It is not recommended to publish to AICC for upload to your Intellek LMS.  Use the publish to the Intellek LMS option for this purpose.

publish without structure

Cloned content now copies original content’s category/subcategory structure




Error publishing as AICC to SCORMCloud.


Multiple clicks on non-auto progress step. (12163)

Level 1 Click Match problem.  (12150)

Drop downs in Forms not matching.  (12246)

Multiple controls with the same name do not show up in the Refine Capture screen.

Show Results Only displays the required actions as a tailing column in the Results Viewer.