Intellek Create beta v1.5.0.0

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Intellek Create beta v1.5.0.0

Available August 18, 2021

Known Issues

Form Input boxes not scoring correctly (should be fixed very shortly)

Results mouse click image capture not yet functional.

Bug Fixes


Deleting default Instruction removes formatting.

When the learner clicks inside the Instruction box that says, "Type your instruction text here" that the sample text disappears.

Alternative capture should not have Balloon Tip check boxes.

Balloon Tip options reworded: NotUsed – None, Normal – Standard.



Icon updated to TP icon.


If capturing, pressing delete and enter on the keyboard on a captured step captures your keyboard event of ‘enter’.

Alternative events have a balloon tick box (removed).




Instruction links opening in App browser (now open in default browser).

Form drop down data not displaying.


Form instructions display what the user did & it’s match, if no match then the highest possible score sheet and the straight blank instruction in the last column.

Associated Learner links now displayed.