Intellek Create beta v1.7.6

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Intellek Create beta v1.7.6

Available Nov 8, 2021

Enhancements/Bug Fixes


CC DLL + EXE, Base, Messaging.exe, Utilities.Messaging.dll


New border around content within the instruction screen for clarity on white backgrounds.


Application scaling adapts on moving from one monitor to another and allows scaling between monitors.

Pop-up now appears if you are using an application that requires restarting on a monitor that is scaled > 100%.

App now logs to a local folder and only keeps that last 30 days worth of logs. (Internal - updated)



Client Admin management area added.

Admin area

Admin area displays users in a table with filter capability.  

Admins can create users for the organization. Based on the number of Intellek Create licenses available, Admins can add users to your account including:

oAdmins - Access to the Admin area

ostandard Users - Intellek Create content authors without Admin privileges and access to the Admin area.

oResultsUser - Results Only Users (users who have access to an Intellek Create version allowing them limited access to only review results files for your organization). ResultsUsers/Results Only Users do not count towards your number of licensed users.

results user

Results list now displays as a table and can be filtered to find your results quickly

results list 4

list of results 3




Looping bug in communication from Messaging Service back to App. (Internal - fixed)

Balloon text incorrectly offset on scaled monitor – fixed.