Resource Library

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Resource Library

The Resource Library is a repository for all graphics (e.g., logos, example graphics), video clips, HTML file links, and documents (e.g., PDF or Microsoft Word) that will be used in content files. Access to the Resource Library is available from the Menu panel, the Content Editor page, and the Form Text Editor dialog box. All items in the Resource Library are available and accessible to all authors within the organization.

Individual resource items display as "cards." Hover over a card to see the resource type/file name.ext (#1 in the graphic). The name will appear on top of the Insert and Delete icons below the card. Below each resource card are the Insert (< >) and Delete (trash can) icons (#2 and #3 in the graphic, respectively).


ExpandedAccessing the Resource Library
expandedImporting Items into the Resource Library
expandedInserting a Resource Item into Content
ExpandedDeleting Resource Items