Setting Colors

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Setting Colors

Throughout Intellek Create, there are opportunities to set colors for instruction text, the instruction frame Header bar, and the instruction frame background. Additionally, colors can be used in the Style Manager to identify titles, terms, learner actions, etc. When available, click the eye-dropper icon next to the color to be set. The Color Picker dialog box for setting colors is the same, except for the Formatting toolbar. Colors can be set using either Hex codes or RGB coordinates.

TPArrowYou will need to identify the code/coordinates for the colors to be used outside of Intellek Create (e.g., Microsoft Word, Marketing Department, etc.)

1.Click the appropriate eye-dropper icon.


Under Hex, enter the 6-digit/character hex code for the appropriate color. Make sure to precede the code with the # symbol. Hex codes for:

oBlack = #000000

oWhite = #ffffff

Under RGB, enter the appropriate coordinates for the desired color.

2.When finished, click the SAVE button.


Clicking outside the Color Picker dialog box before clicking the SAVE button will close the dialog box WITHOUT saving any changes, in effect, canceling any and all changes!

Setting Colors using the Formatting Toolbar

In the Formatting toolbar, setting Text and/or Background text colors (i.e., highlighted text) displays a slightly different utility to apply colors.


1.Click the down arrow to the right of either the Text color or Background color button on the Formatting toolbar.

2.The drop-down displays a grid of basic colors. To apply a color, either:

Click the appropriate color from the grid.

Click the palette icon in the bottom right corner of the drop-down to select a custom color.


a.In the Color Picker dialog box, enter the RGB coordinates or the Hex code for the appropriate color.

b.Click Save.

c.The custom color will be added to the bottom row of the color grid, to the right of the black and white color blocks.

3.To remove an applied color from text:

a.Select the text.

b.Click the appropriate color down arrow (either Text color or Background color).

c.Click the / (Remove color) icon to the left of the palette icon.