Setting Content Defaults

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Setting Content Defaults

The DEFAULTS button on the Content Library page sets the default settings for all new content created by any author within the organization from that point forward. Since the default settings will impact all authors, it is a best practice to discuss with the team to decide and document these settings.

BestPrac  Best Practice

Create and maintain an Intellek Create Standards Guide. Once you determine the Content Defaults and if you choose to have a master content file to be used as a starting place, note the name and how to use it. This becomes your historical and tactical file for content creation and editing. It can be created in Excel or Word. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. This is true for any eLearning creation.

1.From the Content Library page, click the DEFAULTS button. The graphic has been modified to show all settings. Use the vertical scroll bar at the right side of the Content Defaults dialog box to access all settings. The available settings are identified below:


Preview. Displays a sample of how instruction text will look based on the Instruction Text Settings.

Instruction Text Settings.

oDefault Font. Click the down arrow under Default Font to select the appropriate font style.

oDefault Font Size. Click the down arrow under Default Font Size to select the appropriate font size.

oText Color. Click the eye-dropper icon (circled in the graphic) to set the text (font) color. (See the Setting Colors topic.)

Instruction Position. Select the appropriate location for instruction frames to be displayed when content is running. The default location is the lower right corner of the screen. This setting can be changed within individual content files and/or individual instruction frames.

Instruction Progress. Click the appropriate slider(s) to toggle the setting on/off.

oIndicate Progress. Display a Progress bar when content is running. By default, this setting is turned off (inactive).

oAuto Progress. When content is running, if an instruction frame has captured steps, content will automatically progress to the next frame when the last captured step has been performed. By default, this setting is turned on (active).

Client Theme. Use these settings to determine the Header bar and Background colors of the instruction frame. Click the eye-dropper icon to set each color. (See the Setting Colors topic.)

Client Buttons. Use the slider to determine how Progress icons/buttons in the Header bar of the instruction frame will display when content is running. By default, the slider is turned on, which will display Progress buttons as Back (Previous), Next, Exit/Finish/Close, etc. When turned off, Progress icons will display as arrow and X icons.

2.When finished setting all options, click the SAVE button.


Clicking outside the Content Settings dialog box before clicking the SAVE button will close the dialog box WITHOUT saving any changes, in effect, canceling any and all changes!