Styles to Consider

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Styles to Consider

Consider creating a style for each of these instances:

Default. Use this style for general, standard instruction text. This style will also be handy after applying a different style (e.g., Term or Action).

Title. This is for the first instruction/frame in a content file. This style should likely have a larger font size, bold, possibly a different font color, and different alignment (e.g., centered) than standard text.

Term. Used to identify ribbon buttons, icons, software application names, etc. It is common to include a color and bold to this type of style.

Action. Used to identify when a user is supposed to perform a task or action. Attributes might include bold, italics, or a background (highlight) color.

Content Navigation. Used to identify a Progress button in the Live Content instruction/frame Header bar, rather than a control/button/icon in an application.

Score. Used to set-off the user's score in practice or Assessment content files. It is common to enlarge the font size and possibly the color.

Use the Style Title in the Style Editor to appropriately identify each type of style with an easily-identifiable name.