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Style Manager

The Style Manager is a repository for all styles that will be used to format instruction text in content files. Access to the Styles Manager is available from the Menu panel. All items in the Styles Manager are available and accessible to all authors within the organization. For that reason, discuss with the team which styles should be created, how they should be formatted, and then document the decisions in the Standards Guide.

expandedStyles to Consider

Individual styles display as "cards." The name of the style displays in the top left of the card, and a preview of how the style is formatted displays in the center of the card. Icons to Edit (pencil) and Delete (trash can) the style appear at the bottom of each style card.


Using the graphic above, the numbered items are identified as follows:

1.Style Title. The Style Title (name) will display in the Paragraph drop-down list in the Content Editor pane. (See the Creating Content topic.)

2.Preview sample of how the style will display in the instruction frame.

3.Edit (pencil) icon displays the Style Editor to modify the style settings.

4.Delete (trash can) icon will delete the style.

TPArrowWhen you click the Delete icon, the style will be immediately deleted - NO confirmation warning will display.


Deleting a style will delete the style from ALL authors in the organization!

expandedAccessing the Style Manager
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