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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW- A Library redesign, including:

Ability to assign Courses and Paths to multiple Categories.

Ability to assign Courses and Paths to the root Category.

Course Share Link enhancements – Option to Email or Copy Link.

Search feature enhancement.

Course Card to include icons to represent associated Course attachments and/or Prerequisite.

Admins and Users will retain their place in the Library when closing content or editing a Course or Path.

Additional Breadcrumbs in the Library for ease of navigation.

New Card Description available for abbreviated Course or Path description.

IMPORTANT CHANGE – In relation to the category changes detailed above, all ‘GET Learning Record’ methods have been modified. The API Documentation has been updated.

3559, 3575 – When trying to create a group using the User Identifier drop down list there is a long delay.

3834 – Bulk Import Courses – Blank Category names are being created if the category column is blank in the import sheet.

3982 – Bulk Import Courses – Misleading error message when both ZipFile and LaunchURL have been supplied.

3881 – The Learner Link for our Events is not working.

3943 – Certificates – The Learning Path Completion date is displayed in UTC rather than local.

4015 – The Course Share link is not working for everyone that receives it.

3553 – There is a delay when navigating to the Users page and through the grid navigation.