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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW: To help with managing global events for countries with a different working week, you now have the ability to ‘Show Weekends’ via the Calendar > 3 dot Options menu! If enabled,  Event Contacts, Event Managers, Event Administrators and Company Admins will  see the weekend days.

3811 – Duplicate events are being added by clicking the Save button multiple times.

3926, 4035, 3835 – SCORM content isn’t tracking properly and not bookmarking on mobile devices

4051 – The “Saved” notification doesn’t display when adding a new course.

4052 – The Save button is showing before selecting the Course Type when creating a course.

4073 – When uploading AICC content there is an InvalidURL error.

4151 – The breadcrumb is showing a strange ‘\’ character for one of the Courses.

4189 – Duplicates users are being added to Learning Paths when a filter is applied.

4214 – Users are getting an “Oops” error if they  doesn’t have permission on a Path from the Course level.

4215 –Choosing the History Status in Automated Notifications isn’t being retained.  

4216, 4225, 4303 – The breadcrumb shows the word ‘undefined’ for some pages.

4290 – User > Detail – The password field can’t be seen on a mobile device.

4291 – User > History – The history doesn’t always save the first time due to the page load too slowly.

4310 – Event Conflict checks aren’t excluding cancelled events.

4317 – Only Company Admins can enroll users onto an Event from the Event Requests page.  

4311 – The Safari browser makes the 3-dot menu hide behind the main page.