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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – A search option for the learner status has been added to the Path > Edit > Users page.

NEW – The attachment upload size allowance has been increased to 750KB.

NEW – The CourseID, Course Name and Event Name have been added to the Survey Responses Export.

SC1583 – When creating a survey the Preview button doesn’t display unless you refresh the page.

SC1600 – The Survey drop-down list in the Survey Summary Report isn’t sorted alphabetically.

SC1602 – When searching the Surveys page, the Description field is being searched instead of the Survey Name.  

SC1633 – When adding multiple Events to the Calendar, no message is displayed when adding conflicting events.

SC1729 – When changing the capacity on a Webinar, the warning is incorrect.

SC1907 – When editing the Path Details, an error is displayed when viewing Courses if a Course has been removed from the Path.

SC1927 – When editing Cancelled learners on an Event, it shouldn’t be possible to change the status.

SC1937 – Courses are being duplicated in the treeview, when a learner views the Path.

SC1944 – When adding learners to an Event as Finished, there is no confirmation message.  

SC1947 – When learners self-enroll onto a Path, they are receiving the Path Assignment email.

SC1953 – There is a delay when clicking the Courses/Paths radio buttons and navigating quickly through the months.

SC1980 – When sending an Event Broadcast, the description doesn’t always display.

SC1996- If there is a conflict when changing the Event time, the conflict message doesn’t display.

SC2023 – The Event Date on the Event Selector isn’t pre-populating with Today’s date.

SC2028 – Learners are requesting events multiple times and the Enrol button is not refreshing.

SC2043 –  Standard users cannot see their Compliance history.