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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – The Category and Subcategory listing design in the Library has had an uplift!

NEW – To improve flexibility when scheduling Webinar events, the following fields are now optional: Webinar URL, Meeting Number, Password, Presenter Meeting Number, Present Password and Audio.

NEW – The Calendar no longer displays the weekends, to ensure the Calendar is using the full real estate of the page.

1499, 1503, 1298 – When searching or filtering the Calendar, the search is lost when navigating in and out of Events.

1783 – When scheduling Events that have open requests, the list of requested learners don’t display when expanding the notification message.

1939 – You can’t search the Survey Summary report by Course ID.

1995 – An error is received when trying to change the Registration Rules for a Learning Path.

2011 – The Group Headers don’t always display in Path Progress report.

2050 – The count of selected Paths in search filter is wrong in the Path Progress report.

2081 – The ‘Reason’ text box displays when requesting a place on an Event that is full.

2101 – The Incorrect time zone and time is displaying for Scheduled Reports.

2109 – Event Contacts don’t receive the Outlook appointment if they are added when creating multiple Events.

2137 – The default Enrolment Open date is always today less enrolment opens days, rather than Event date less Enrolment Open day.

2140 –  The Email message isn’t saving if it’s added after the Scheduled Report has been created.