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Available May 26, 2022


Custom Security Profiles


Create custom security profiles based on permissions and user visibility of existing security profiles. Settings > 3-dot options > Security Profiles.

o1-3. Navigate to Security Profiles to view/manage Security Profiles.

o4. Click a Name/edit a current security profile to view the permissions settings.

o5. Add a new security profile - click 2022-05-03_12-38-51

custom sec prof


permissions preview

oSelect a current security profile to use as a template for the new custom security profile then click SELECT.

         security profile template


oDefine the new Security Profile:

Provide a Security Profile Name for the custom security profile.

Indicate the record Status - Active is required to apply the profile to users.

User Visibility - set profile to have visibility of No Users, Users that Report to Them or All Users in the LMS.

Assign action Permissions (View, Create, Edit, Delete) for each Security Module. You will be modifying current permissions, as displayed, for your chosen template Security Profile.

SAVE and be sure to fully test before aligning with users outside your test group.


Review system System Security Profile documentation for a complete detail of visibility and privileges. (not available before May 26, 2022)


Improved Surveys Interface


oImproved image upload for Survey/Sections/Questions/Answers

oImproved interface, color & font settings

oKnown issues resolved

oUsers Assigned to this Survey prompt on saving (MNave11103)



Content Scores greater than 100% on non English PC Language and location


Any Issues listed below this line were added after May 23, 2022 when LMS v3.40.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.


No Saved message when creating a path specific notification. (10216)

Course/Path Ratings do not display when clicked in Library (11782)


API GetUsers resturns no records

LMS Latency issues (11791 RPC, 11640 Hunton, 11685 Ogle)