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Available June 30, 2022


Calendar Webinar Default Settings


Apply recurring Webinar Event information to new Webinars via Calendar > 3-dot options > Settings > Defaults > Webinar

oEnter settings to populate the Webinar fields each time a new Webinar is set up.  These settings can be overwritten in the Event Detail page.


webinar defaults



Create Account - Email validation is incorrect, the total length should allow 359 characters and the top level domain should allow up to 63 characters (11839 Abbey)

Library - Filter by 5 star ratings shows items with no ratings (11649 MNave)

Course - Interested - Admins do not see the Delete icon (11887 Simmo)

Event Rosters - the Attendees aren't showing but the Contacts do show (11888 H&W)

LaunchLinks are taking our users to the Summary rather than launching the course (11889 MayerB, 11831 StewMc, 11980 H&H, Gowling)

Survey - unable to Save when a new version is required (11894 IceM)

Certificates show strange characters for my French course name (11745 McMill)

API - User Import - Security Profiles are being overwritten on my users who are set to Manual Entry (11815 ChapC)

Library - significant latency when using the Free Text search (11499 StewMc)

Analytics Path - Completion Count charts include inactive users but shouldn't (11677 MGC)

Categories Edit - the Subcategories don't display the default image when inherited from parent category (11541 Procopio)

Communication - Senders - The Course and Path Owners should be reset to TADMIN when you clear all fields and save a sender (11674 GStorrs)

Event Rosters - the Attendees aren't showing but the Contacts do show (11922 SnellW, 11938 MayerB)


Any Issues listed below this line were added after June 30, 2022 when LMS v3.41.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.