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LMS Version

Bug Fixes

Available August 4, 2022



My Approvals - unable to Approve or Decline history approval requests        

My Profile - I am unable to save any changes to my Profile Picture or Password (12055 NSLT)

Incorrect User Visibility calculation when no system security profiles assigned. To correct this issue, the Standard Learner security profile cannot be deselected. Also the Security Profile of Supervisor cannot be deslected for users who are identified as a User Manager for other user(s) (12082 Ogle)

Users > Bulk Edit -  Managers are not appearing in the drop-down (12132 NSLT)

Calendar > Enrollment Summary for Events requiring approval - 'Your enrollment must be approved' does not display

Users > Export is missing Custom Security Profiles

Users - There is latency while the page loads


Any Issues listed below this line were added after July 25, 2022 when LMS v3.42.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.


Bulk Course Import - the import fails if Delivery or Subdelivery are not supplied but import is failing even if defined in Course Type > Defaults (12065 ChapC)

Scheduled reports - Recurrence starts on the day before the one you specified (12126 ChapC)

WebApi - prevent access to the WebApi from training instances

Surveys - I see 'Unknown error' when I submit a survey due to the LMS using the wrong langstring. (12184 TCoburn)