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LMS Version

Bug Fixes

Available July 6, 2023



Library images are not displayed in Library if apostrophes included in image file name (13865)

Calendar - Standard User able to view Seats Taken Count in Calendar List View (13945)

Path Item - Save Changes prompt appears unnecessarily when navigating within a Path with images aligned (13431)

Survey Summary Report - when viewing the Survey Results responses with multiple User responses, the first user selected is displayed but subsequently selected User responses are not displayed (14423 Simmo)

System Notification - Event User Update not showing bell notification for Event Administrator (14662 MayerB)



Any Issues listed below this line were added after June 27, 2023 when LMS v3.51.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.


Path Item - Standard User sees permission error when accessing Path from Home > Featured  (14738, MGC)

Calendar - Outlook Updates not being generated when Event time updated (14725, DBR)