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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – Home Dashboard:

The Home Dashboard is now fully web responsive.

The Dashboard can be customized by LMS Role. Move the cards around and choose what your learners see, what you Event Contacts see and more!

New cards are available including: Library, Free Text, and a Welcome card.

The card designs have been updated and will change design, depending on whether they are a single or a double card.

An indicator has been added to the Upcoming Events card to show the learner which Events they are signed up for.

The Search Field has been increased in size.

NEW – A new enhanced HTML Editor has been implemented.  The ability to copy and paste from documents, or elsewhere, is now possible. You also have the capability to insert images, and embed videos into your News items and in the new Free Text Editor for the Home Dashboard. (We can hear you screaming for joy from here!! �)

NEW – The ability to leave a Learning Path on the Home Dashboard once it’s complete has been added. (This can be set per Path on the Path Detail page.)

NEW – When searching for Courses, the search will also search the Course and Path Description.

NEW – The Library Export now includes Keywords, Course & Path Description, the Owner and the Learner Link.

NEW – The ability to customize the Learning Path delivery icon has been added. (via Library, 3 dot menu, Settings.)

2314 – Inactive surveys appear on the Home Dashboard and Learning Record page.

2350 – A GET method has been added to the API, to retrieve Learner data.

2313 – The primary color is filling some of the input fields.