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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – When creating a News Item, the ability to have the Headline redirect to a URL, rather than a News page, has been added.

NEW – The learner’s Hire Date has been added to the Courses Not Taken Report search, to help filter on those that haven’t taken Courses.

NEW –  The learner’s Entry Type and Security Profile has been added to the Users > Export to CSV.

NEW – The Event Date has been added to the Survey Report Responses > Export to CSV.

NEW – The Code has been added to the grid view, and to the Export, for Location, Department, Practice Area, Profile and Title.

NEW – The Course Duration has been added to the Compliance Report > Export to CSV.

CHANGE – When learners access their Learning Paths from the Home Dashboard, they will view these in alphabetical order.

2181 & 2390 – When viewing the Paths > Users page, the course count is not correct.

2349 – The Enrolment Opens date isn’t saving the correct date.

2350 – The API User Import is timing out.

2358 – The Learner Link isn’t working is the Calendar has been filtered with a space in the Free Text search.

2378 –  The Calendar filter isn’t working for Dates when in List View

2379 – When working in Path > Edit > Users, I cannot see all users

2384 – SCORM content that doesn’t call LMSFinish shows the Content Already Running message.

2391 –  We have multiple enrolments on some Events.

2404 & 2422 – The Communication Banner shows the default image if only one news item has been created.

2214 – The links have no formatting in the body of the News items.