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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

CHANGE – The Event Roster has been updated to include the following information: User’s Location, Jot Title, Department, Phone Number and Email Address. The data is also available on the Export to Excel.

NEW – The Roster Link has been added to the Calendar List View. No more having to go into each Event!

NEW – The Event Contacts have been added to the Event People Report Export.

NEW – Five more ‘Senders/Owners’ have been added.

NEW – The Path Description Variable has been made available.  

2164 – The Switch User option has been removed for Standard Users.

2407 – The Error messages aren’t displaying correctly in the History Import.

2491 – For the Scheduled Reports, the date format is not recognised when we open the csv in Excel.

2495 – The columns are wrong if the header has a comma in it, for the Survey Responses Report Export.

2508 – There is a display issue with the Communications News page, the text doesn’t wrap correctly.

2519 – The News Items are not auto progressing on Home Dashboard.

2523 – In the HTML Editor, there is a Javascript error due to missing language files.

2504 – If users are enrolled onto an Event at a location different to their primary location, they don’t see a Cancel button.