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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

CHANGE – When viewing the Users on an Event, all Users will be listed by default now, rather than Enrolled only.

CHANGE – When updating Users on an Event, using ‘Update Multiple Attendees’, the statuses Cancelled and Waived are now available.

CHANGE – The Newfoundland Compliance Body now allows for late joiners. *Existing periods will not be re-created, however new and modified Users will have pro-rated periods.

CHANGE – Any Paths that are set to remain on the Home Dashboard once Completed, now appear in a new section of Completed, rather than being with In Progress.

CHANGE – Only non-expired Paths that have available attempts will be displayed in the Completed section of the Paths page, if the Leave on Home Dashboard setting is applied.

NEW – Calendar – The ability to search and filter by Events with ‘No Event Contact’ assigned.

NEW – Calendar – Email Requestees on an Event.

NEW – Library – The ability to search on New and Updated Courses from the Advanced Search.

NEW – Library – The ability to Bulk Edit Delivery & Sub-delivery, Vendor, Duration, and Description is now available.

NEW – Library – An option to order the Categories alphabetically by default has been added.

NEW – Learning Paths – Copy a Learning Path, with all settings applied and the Courses that appear as part of the syllabus.

NEW – Learning Paths – The ability to manage equivalences. Let your Users choose which journey they want to take!

NEW – Learning Paths – Ability to export a list of courses from the Path Courses page.

NEW – Users – Entry Type has been added to the advanced search.

NEW – Users – Security Profile has been added to the advanced search.

2205 – Reports – The Course Required column should be included on the Path Progress > Details – Export.

2520 – When adding an Event Contact, the Enter key closes the panel.

2532 – Error received when adding multi-day events.

2533 – The Input Shading is an issue when creating a Survey.

2577 – Inactive Event Contacts are being displayed on the Events > Contacts page.

2582 –  The Client User Identifier field is cleared after saving preventing further changes.

2649 – Multi-SCORM content isn’t displayed in the correct order.

2669 –  Adding Users to an Event takes a long time for the page to finish and return to Event > Detail > Users.

2688 –  History is not being merged correctly when using the Merge Users feature.

2690 – The No Show history records are not showing in the Users > History page.

2698 – Error received on the Enrolment Summary page.

2707 – Unable to change the Status to Inactive using Bulk Edit.

2713 – The Play button doesn’t display for courses that have been launched but exited before starting the content.

2542 – The Webinar Enrolment Open isn’t being applied using the Course Type defaults.

2618 – The Editor uses a paragraph tag by default which causes additional spacing in the emails for the Course and Event Description.