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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – Automated Notifications – The ability to have different Automated Notifications for each Learning Path has been added.

NEW – Email Templates – When creating Learning Path specific emails, the PathExpiryDate variable is now available.

NEW – Automated Notifications  – The ability to send Survey Reminders has been added.

NEW – History – History can now be deleted, as long as the user’s history is not part of a Learning Path.

NEW – Calendar – Bulk Edit Event Names and Descriptions.

NEW – Groups – New parameters have been added to allow a group to be created based on ‘Users joined in the last X number of days’

NEW – Groups – Use our template csv file to import a list of users for group creation.

NEW – Groups – When viewing the Groups that have been created, a Usage report can be run to identify where these are in use.

NEW – Languages –  Portuguese and Spanish have been added to our Language Pack.

NEW – Calendar – The ability to have a notification sent to Event Contacts for any late Cancellations has been added.

2031 – When viewing the Learning Paths from the Home Page, the card size needs to be increased.

2481 – There is a display issue with the search box when accessing the LMS from a mobile device.

2196 – The Event Name field when adding events doesn’t have the lines or shading applied.

2688 – When viewing an inactive user I see incorrect history results.

2717 – When merging Users, the Path history isn’t being synchronised

2739 – Display issue on the History Detail page in IE 11.

2772 –  The Events aren’t always displaying in Day view.

2837 –Paths that have Equivalence and are Completed are appearing in the In Progress section rather than in the Completed section.

2836 – Display issue on the Learning Record page in IE 11.