Courses Not Taken Report

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Courses Not Taken Report

The Courses Not Taken Report is unique from the other reports and has additional steps.

1.Select the Courses Not Taken Report.

2.Click Select Courses Button. Use the Course Selector dialog box to locate and select up to 10 Courses.

3.Select the check boxes for the desired Courses.

4.Click Select Button Teal.

5.Select the Group By option.

6.Set the date parameters.

7.Set the History Status.

TPArrowThis is the most important selection in this report.


For example, if you want to see users that have not taken a Course or Event, you can simply click Search. If you are looking to see those who have Not Taken AND those who are not Enrolled, select Enrolled from the Open history status arrow.

TPArrowIf you search for those Not Taken and Enrolled, and a user has both a Finished status and Enrolled status, they will not show in the results.

8.Click Search Button.