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Path Progress Report

Use the Path Progress Report to review Learning Path Course content and user completion status (i.e., Complete and/or Incomplete) for each path.

Select between any combination of two settings for your report display:

View Results As - defines what content to display in the report.

oDetail Shows all results of each Course, even when completed multiple times, in a users’ path including score and date completed.

oBest – When a Course was taken multiple times, shows only the “best” or higher score of each duplicated Course in a users’ path including score and date completed.

oSummary – shows a summary of each path status with a completion percentage and no specific Course detail.

Group By defines the order and sort settings. When you select multiple paths you can group the results by the Path or User. When Learning Paths are assigned, this is the best reporting option to see user completion status.

oPath then User – displays the list with path titles then users listed underneath each path name.

oUser then Path – displays the list of user names then paths listed underneath each user name.

oNone – displays a simple list of paths alphabetized by user last name.

Common examples of how to use this report include:

To see all users who have not completed a required path, select:

Group By = User then Path

Path Completion Status = Incomplete

To see the list of Courses within a path, with the user completion status for each Course (e.g., Finished, In Progress, Not taken, Passed, Not Passed) within the path, select:

Group By = Path then User

Path = [PATH NAME]

To see the progress of an individual on a path, select:

Group By = None

Path = [PATH NAME]

Last Name = [USER LAST NAME]

First Name = [USER FIRST NAME]

(Alternatively, use the User Identifier field instead of First/Last Name.)

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