Flow Tab

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Flow Tab

The Flow tab is applicable for both Text and Form instruction types.


The Flow tab has three sections:  Progress, Section, and Instruction. The tab area offers several useful settings to enhance your content. Click the appropriate slider button to activate or deactivate a setting.

Progress Group. This section provides two options that are not related:  Indicate Progress and Auto Progress.

oIndicate Progress:  Provides a progress bar to the user while the content is running. This option may be temporarily disabled.

oAuto Progress:  Upon successful completion of a defined task (with captured steps), the content will advance. We recommend this setting be turned on in Assessment content. If it is turned off, the user must click the NEXT button (or > icon) in the instruction frame Header bar to advance to the next instruction frame.

TPArrowIf you have users typing information (e.g., completing document properties for a Document Management System profile) or want to ensure an instruction frame stays visible to the user while they complete multiple steps, turn off Auto Progress and instruct users to click the NEXT button to continue.

Section Group. This is a complex option that provides both Section options (used for scoring sub-sections of an Assessment, and/or timing on a specific instruction frame). These two settings are not related, but you must define one Section to use the timing options.

oMark as Section:  When selected, a marker can be viewed in the instruction thumbnail in the Instruction list panel, the Results (see the Results topic), or on the Score Sheet. This allows for the sub-score of defined section(s) in an Assessment.

oMax Completion Time:  Can only be selected if the Mark as Section slider button has been activated. This allows the placement of a timer for the selected instruction frame. At the end of the timer, the content will advance. The Max Completion Time slider button must be activated in order to set the amount of time allowed. This feature is used mainly in Assessment content to time tasks. This option may be temporarily disabled.

Instruction Group. The Auto Navigation setting allows the content to move forward (without user interaction) at a defined time period. Activate the Auto Navigation slider button to set the amount of time the instruction frame will display when playing the content (as shown in the graphic). This setting is very useful when there is an opening or closing instruction frame that does not require the user to read or take in large amounts of data. A good example would be an opening instruction frame that has a company logo and name of the content; or a closing instruction frame that confirms that the user has completed the content and indicates the window will close automatically. This option may be temporarily disabled.