Inserting a Resource Item into Content

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Inserting a Resource Item into Content

1.From the Content Library, either:

Click the Create New Content button. Complete the New Content dialog box, and then click the CREATE CONTENT button.

Click the Edit (pencil) icon on the appropriate Content File Card.

2.Select the appropriate instruction frame where the resource item will be inserted.

TPArrowIf this is a new content file, add at least one instruction frame to display the property tabs.

3.Position the cursor in the Edit pane where the resource will be inserted.

4.Click the Resources tab at the bottom of the page.

5.Locate the appropriate resource item.

6.Click the Insert (< >) icon.

TPArrowExcept for graphic files (i.e., .jpg/.jpeg, .png, .gif, etc.), the selected resource item will be inserted as a hyperlink.

7.When the resource item is selected:

In most instances, a graphic can be re-sized using the sizing handles when the graphic is selected.

Press the Delete key to delete the resource item from the instruction frame.