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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes – Version

NEW – Feature Enhancements:

Single Sign-On – ADFS 4.0 SSO integration is now supported (Please request documentation from support@intellek.io).


5097 – Event Bulk Update Users – The default History status is now given as “Finished” instead of “Failed”.

5309 – User > Paths and Path > Users – Completion Dates should be converted to the current time zone of the user on the Path, rather than UTC time zone.

Issues Resolved:

4737, 5036 – Courses assigned to inactive categories don’t display in the Library.

4914 – Course showing as assigned to the incorrect Path even when removed.

4793, 5151 – SCORM course showing a History status of “Finished” for some users and “Passed” for others.

4985 – Path User Edit – Changing the Expiry Date to a date in the past is not allowing for the history status of “Complete”

4972 – Learner Links – Some of our users get a ‘Session expired’ message when clicking on the Learner Links.

4825 – Added support for Byte Order Mark in User_Imports.

4989 – Email Settings for External History Approval not being retained when saved.

5004 – Bulk add history not added due to conflicts for users with no current history.

5167 – Survey Editor – Single Choice and Multiple Choice text options are not displaying correctly.

5185 – Learner Links aren’t redirecting when OpenID Connect is enabled.

5225 – Users > Edit – Unable to save the Details page if Client_User_Identifier has the ‘@’ included.

5258 – Communication > Send Emails – The “From” drop-down only shows a few items when adding / editing email templates.