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LMS Version

Feature Release & Bug Fixes Release video

NEW – Feature Enhancements:

Communication Banner – You can now upload animated GIFs to the Communication/News banner!


1.Navigate to Communication > News

2.Click + to add a new News item

3.From the Banner Graphic > Upload option, browse to upload a .gif file created within the recommended 874 x 197 px standard.

4.Complete the News Details


API Enhancement – New API endpoint allows your IT team to use “GET” Method to retrieve Users’ Open Assignments data from your LMS.


oData includes:

Assigned Courses

Enrolled Upcoming Events

Paths (Incomplete and unexpired).

You can pass an optional list of client_user_identifiers to limit the result data. Review these API details/instructions or find them at your LMS url/docs/api.html.



oEvent Edit – Cancel Reason box is not properly showing the cancellation reasons.  (RPC 4595)

oEvent Edit – Internet Explorer – showing the incorrect venues when managing event location that have existing events already applied. (WMans 5765)

oEvents Filter – the Checkbox for “My Events” within the filter area is not working properly. (Ogle 5792)


oLearner Links – Breadcrumb is not showing properly when a learner clicks on a Learner link for a Scheduled Event. (TCoburn 5621)

oSurveys – Surveys are being assigned to learners when an LMS Admin marks them as “Waived”. (FieldF 5666)

oReceiving an “Oops error” when clicking on the redirect link on the start-up page. (NSLT 5856) text here.