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NEW – Feature Enhancements:


Event People Report - now includes User location in the search criteria, the Results page and the exported data

event people user location


Survey Feedback Report – now available to export to PDF, which also includes Pie chart data.  Navigate to Run a Report > Survey Summary > Search then open a Survey.

Important: Survey Feedback PDF option is NOT yet available in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

oHow to generate a PDF from the Survey Responses:

survey pddf1

survey pdf

oWhen drilling down to a User's responses report, PDF is also now available:

survey feedback pdf




Share feature for copying the full address URL of Courses and Paths to the clipboard via the Library card

copy URL


On the Course and Event Launch/Enroll Summary page, the “Prerequisites” status requirement has now been clarified in a tooltip:


Survey Feedback Report – Multiple Event Contacts will now display in a comma separated list in the report export.




Breadcrumb does not update after editing Event/Group Name (RPC 6220)

Training Tracking Report not displaying Inactive Courses (FieldF 6235)

Course Assignment Report not implementing Course Status filter (6227)