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NEW – Feature Enhancements:

Communication > News banner auto-advance duration setting

 Define the duration between each News banner auto-advance.

Settings > 3-dot option > Pages



Users > History status - bulk edit

 From a User's History list, update multiple course history statuses at once.  

Navigate to the Users Menu and select a user to display the User Detail page

Open the User's History Tab

Using the Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click method, select two or more courses to update

TPArrowScheduled courses are not eligible for this feature - to update Event attendance, navigate to the Calendar > Event > Users list.

Click Edit Edit Record to display the bulk update screen.

Enter the appropriate Status and score Percentage (Passed/Failed only)


bulk edit


Localization option for Create Account page - Sign In button language string

Use Settings > 3-dot options > Localization to update a new language string option for the Sign In button on the Create Account page.

signin string 2

signin string


Event > User enrollment conflicts prompt

When enrolling a list of users to an event, a prompt will display listing any users with enrollment conflicts giving you the option to cancel the process or proceed without the conflicted users.

conflicted users



Include Previous History help icon in Path Detail & Path User Detail

Clarifies the way Previous History is handled in Paths with Complete in Order setting enabled. Help icon is found in Path Detail and in Path > Users >Edit.

prev hist icon2

prev history help




General Course type: History status not recording properly (DEurope 6131, GStorrs 6038, H&W 6345)

The LMS will detect if user is using an Apple touch device when trying to open a PDF and will launch it in a separate window regardless of the setting on the course Structure tab (Simmo 6437, GRees 5926)



Event Request – Users are getting an error when requesting a seat on a full event (McMill 6283, DBR 6322)