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Bulk Import for Classroom Events & Webinars

Adding multiple events to the LMS calendar in one bulk import is simple when following some basic rules and using the correctly formatted Blank Import Events Spreadsheet Template.

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Sample Completed Import Events Spreadsheet 

The Calendar Import Events feature is available for users with permission to add events, via Calendar > 3-dot options > Import Events.

The Intellek LMS supports events that span within a single day, with one or more locations and/or a single webinar via manual entry or bulk import.

Use the following guide to complete the Import Events Spreadsheet Template.

expanded        Import File Format








Event Request – Users are getting an error when requesting a seat on a full event (McMill 6283, DBR 6322)

Breadcrumb and Page Title sometimes shows 'undefined'(JW 6430)

Event User Update Required  System Notification not working (MayerB 6432)

Event Date validation not working (Simmo 6435)



Paths - Users can be manually added multiple time by different admins (Cravath 6467)



User Import - Warnings don't display if duplicate Email Addresses are present on import sheet (DEurope 6511)


Email Templates

Repairs to email templates so line breaks and formatting in emails received appear as intended, based on Course/Path/Event description. (GRees 6496, RPC 6219, 6166)