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Feature Enhancement & Bug Fixes

Available Feb 4, 2021

NEW – Courses Not Taken Report and Export now include Status Date and Duration columns which will show the user's History Status Date and the Duration they were in the course for any records that are in a 'completed' History Status.




Updates(Capacity, Description, Survey or Certificate) to Events generating email notifications to users outside of requirements. (McMill 4605, IceM 8065)

Course Assignment Automated Notification setting error when updating to 'is Required' (Cravath 4672)

Event Enrollment Closes field update generates an enrolled user notification in error. (DBR 8135)

Calendar List view does not default to sort by start date (FieldF 8463)

Library > Search Function not returning correct results when 'All" Course types is selected and filtered by Delivery. (FordH 8695)

Path Expiration date set in error to the beginning of the date vs. the end of the day UTC. (SGR 8693)

Copy Path - Equivalence isn't being copied (8695)

Attachment link missing in course summary (8705, GStorrs 8805)

Certificates should not be showing as an Action item in the Learning Record/Paths where there is no Certificate assigned to the Path and if the User has a status of Incomplete. (IceM 8711)

If registration rule is set to "Course is part of a path," the course should not allow registration from the Library. (DBR 8759)

Uploading KnowB4 content with a __MACOSX folder to the Library results in an error. (Becker 8772)

Bulk Edit of Courses in Learning Path doesn't prompt users with the choice to save the changes retrospectively or not. (MayerB 8804)

Save banner remains in place after a save is complete while other edits are being made. (GRees 2328)


Any Issues listed below this line were added after Jan 27, 2021 when LMS v3.25.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.


Migrated content isn't launching. (Ogle 8466)

HTML formatting is being lost in some emails / appointments. (Wyrick 8661)