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Available March 4, 2021


Attendance Update Required Indicator Flag

A flag has been added on past events in the Admin Calendars as a visual indication when any user(s) remain in "enrolled" status. Marking attendance on all attendees to a status besides enrolled will clear the flag.

The Calendar legend has been updated to include the Attendance Update Required feature.

This feature is enabled by default and there is no configuration option to disable it. The indicator will appear as soon as an event end time has passed, as long as any enrollees are in "Enrolled" status.


Related tip: Event Contacts and Event Administrators can also receive a system notification, as a reminder, when an Event User update is required.

Calendar Event Border Style

The borders on calendar events have been softened up to appear less intrusive and stark in a very busy calendar for all views.



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Exclude .map files from published release


Any Issues listed below this line were added after Feb 22, 2021 when LMS v3.26.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.


Event capacity limited to 999. Increased range to 5000. (9133 DBR)

Attachments panel displaying incorrectly in Library. (9153 GStorrs)