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LMS Version

Bug Fixes

Available Feb 8, 2024



When deleting a Venue, no In Use message notification received. (9678)

SCORM logs sometimes stored in the root folder. (15908, TCoburn)

Account Approvals not sorted by date required. (15840, LitLMS)

Account Approval Requests not displaying whole email address in the card. (15840, LitLMS)

Account Approval - unable to view or approve declined Account request. (15972, LitLMS)

Webinar Enrolment Closes timeframe not saving. (15983, LitLMS)

Library root shows "1 total items" but no card is displayed. (15857, StewMc)

Events can be saved with no Location or Webinar. (14968)

Localization refresh error. (15594)

Course Vendor Grid - Name is missing when searching Inactive. (15995)

Calendar - Event Edit - Unable to Cancel on the Edit Location button once User is prompted with error. (14970)

Event Approval Request - Appointment sent to User before approval for enrollment received. (15369, LitLMS)

Hidden configuration option, available upon request, added to hide User password from UI. (16145)

Background Process required for Path Auto-Assignment. (16173, Ogle)

LMS not sending all Outlook Appointments. (16297, HHart)

Notification of Learning Solutions - Learning Assignment(s). (16324, Ogle)

Recurring Notifications displays incorrect text in error message. (16290, FordH)

Outlook Calendar Updates sending when Event capacity changes. (16412, WMans)




Any Issues listed below this line were added after Jan 30, 2024 when LMS v3.56.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.