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LMS Version

Feature Enhancement & Bug Fixes Watch the release video

Available Mar 7, 2024


ExpandedLibrary Bulk Edit - Search Keywords
ExpandedLibrary Bulk Edit - Launch in Separate Window
ExpandedCalendar Bulk Edit - New Bulk Type Options
ExpandedEvent Notifications - Send Outlook Update Appointment when Attachment Added or Description Changes
ExpandedLearning Record Update
ExpandedAssignment Card Displays Expiry Date for Courses and Path



Path History Sync, courses completed out of required order. (16535, MayerB)

Account Approvals card on Dashboard displays both pending and declined approvals. (16578, LitUni)

Scheduled Reports - Course Assignment Period Filters not working. (10387, IceM)

Events - Inactive Users showing on Events. (12179, IceM) (12299, Jenner)

Library - Searching for Vendors returns Paths in results. (16656, Brist)



Any Issues listed below this line were added after Feb 27, 2024 when LMS v3.57.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.