Event Contacts

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Event Contacts

Learn more - Watch!The Event Contacts feature allows you to assign end-users (i.e., trainers, in-house speakers, etc.) who are identified as an Event Contact to scheduled training Events on the Calendar. In order to be assigned as an Event Contact, the user must have an active user account in the LMS and have an Event Contact type assigned in their user Details.

Once your end-users have been imported into the LMS, if someone needs to be made available as an Event Contact (e.g., Trainer, Speaker, etc.), you can make that change from the Users page.

When Event Contacts are assigned to an Event (for more information, see the topic entitled:  Scheduling Events), they will be sent an Outlook appointment for each Event to which they are assigned. They are also listed in the Event details.

By default, there are three Event Contact roles defined in the LMS:  Event Coordinator, Speaker and Trainer. You can create additional Event Contact types for your environment, if needed. See the Creating Event Contact Types topic.

TPArrowEvent Contacts cannot be assigned or maintained in the Import_Learners process. To assign and/or maintain Event Contacts, you must have the appropriate Security Profile permissions to edit user accounts.

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