Importing LMS user data

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Importing LMS user data


Learner (user) information is the most important data you will add to the Intellek LMS. It is essential that the information be consistently formatted and applied. Inaccurate or inconsistent end-user data will result in inaccurate reporting and make assigning learning difficult.

Intellek provides each client with the Import_Learners.xlsx file to populate and use as the basis for the user import.

Your organization may choose to populate the Import_Learners.xlsx workbook from a parent database or databases (e.g., HRIS, Active Directory, InterAction). If the parent database or databases have consistently formatted data that is appropriate for the Learning Management System (LMS), that process can be automated by the appropriate network staff in your environment.

If the information provided from the parent database or databases requires cleanup or revision for use in the LMS, either the parent database will have to be revised or you may choose to do an initial data load from the parent database and then manually maintain or enter user data. You should make this decision from the beginning. It will impact the maintenance of the Import_Learners.xlsx file or the method you use for user account creation.

If you plan to maintain end-user data in the Import_Learners.xlsx file (whether manually modifying data or using a DTSX/SSIS package to populate it) you will maintain ALL active records in the sheet (new, modified, and inactive).

When you import via the file, any end-user previously maintained within the file, but no longer included, will be marked inactive in the LMS. Users that have been manually created will not be updated, unless you change their Entry Type to Automatic. This change is made at the bottom of the Detail page for the user.

The import file can be used as part of an automated process that will be set up by Intellek and/or you can manually load users into the system by selecting Import Users on the three dot Options menu on the Users page in the LMS.

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