Getting started

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Getting started

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Before allowing end-users access to the Intellek LMS, you should take the time to review and set up some basic information. During the setup process, take the time to create an LMS Standards Document where you record the settings, data standards, reasons for using certain features, etc. This will help you create consistent data, maintain the LMS and incorporate new “managers” into the system, if needed. The LMS Standards Document can be a simple Word document. Make sure you place it in your Document Management System (DMS) or a location where it is backed up and will not be deleted. This document will change and grow over time.

ProdTip Productivity Tip

Print the LMS Standards Document to record your decisions.

Initially, you should identify and record the following information:

URL to the LMS

LMS Administrator(s)

Date that end-users will be/were allowed in the system

First objective for the LMS

As you move through each section of this topic, add the information to your LMS Standards Document.

ExpandedImport user data
ExpandedUsers – After the Initial Import