Security Profiles

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Security Profiles

Security Profiles control the various “permissions” given to each user in the LMS.

Users > Edit User > Security Profiles.  


These are usually set up by default as Standard User when the end-user data is imported (see the SecurityProfileCode topic); however, you can also assign these manually. The features and functionality you and the other users see in the LMS will depend on which Security Profile(s) have been assigned.

To provide flexibility as to what a user can and cannot do in the LMS, users can be assigned more than one Security Profile (once end-user data has been imported).

Review system System Security Profile documentation for a complete detail of visibility and privileges. (not available before May 26, 2022)

You are also provided an option to create your own profiles by cloning a system security profile, modifying the permissions and saving the profile with a new custom name.

Custom Security Profiles


Create custom security profiles based on permissions and user visibility of existing security profiles. Settings > 3-dot options > Security Profiles.

o1-3. Navigate to Security Profiles to view/manage Security Profiles.

o4. Click a Name/edit a current security profile to view the permissions settings.

o5. Add a new security profile - click 2022-05-03_12-38-51

custom sec prof


permissions preview

oSelect a current security profile to use as a template for the new custom security profile then click SELECT.

         security profile template


oDefine the new Security Profile:

Provide a Security Profile Name for the custom security profile.

Indicate the record Status - Active is required to apply the profile to users.

User Visibility - set profile to have visibility of No Users, Users that Report to Them or All Users in the LMS.

Assign action Permissions (View, Create, Edit, Delete) for each Security Module. You will be modifying current permissions, as displayed, for your chosen template Security Profile.

SAVE and be sure to fully test before aligning with users outside your test group.