Add a Group to a Course or Learning Path

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Add a Group to a Course or Learning Path

You can assign Group(s) to individual Courses and/or Learning Paths. Adding Groups to Courses and Learning Paths allows:

End-users to filter the Library to see only the Courses relevant to their Job Title, Department, and/or learning Profile, etc.

Trainers to auto-assign Learning Paths to users based on Group membership. For example, having a New Hire Group allows you to create a Learning Path specific to new users joining the firm without having to add them individually.

Trainers or Managers to require users to get pre-approval for Course registration by their manager.

1.From the Library, search for the Course/Path.

2.Open the Course/Path details by clicking on the Course/Path card. Alternatively, click Edit record Edit Record on the toolbar.

3.Click the Relevance tab.

TPArrowThe tabs for Courses and Paths will be different, but Relevance, Access, and Registration tabs are available for both.

4.Clear the Everyone check box.

5.Select the check box(es) for the required Groups.

6.Click Save Button.

All Users will still be able to see, search for, and enroll in Courses and/or Learning Paths in the Library or using the Search on the Home Dashboard whether or not they are members of the selected Group(s), UNLESS:

Registration Rules are applied requiring anyone not a member of an assigned Group to be approved by their manager (or LMS Administrator) to attend/take the Course.

The All Users access group has been turned off. In this case, only the members of the assigned Access Group(s) will be able to see, search for, and enroll in the Course.