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Course Details page

The Course Detail screen allows you to select the appropriate tab and modify information as required. The available tabs are listed below. The Detail tab may vary slightly depending on the Course Type associated with the Course.

Detail – This tab is required for all Courses and generally contains information such as Course Identifier, Course Name, Course Delivery, Sub-delivery, Category, Subcategory, Certificates, Surveys, Duration, Duration Units and additional information for each specific Course Type.

Registration – Allows you to set the enrollment rules for the Course. See the Setting Registration Rules topic for more information.

Relevance – Allows you to define the Relevance group(s) for the Course. Examples of Relevance groups might include:  Support Staff, Help Desk, Legal Staff, Paralegals, Accounting, Secretarial Staff, etc. This allows both users and managers to filter a list of Courses based on the assigned Relevance group(s). More than one Relevance group can be assigned to a Course.

Access – Allows you to restrict access to the Course based on Access Groups. By default, Courses have the Access Group of Everyone assigned.

Structure – For applicable Course Types, such as SCORM/AICC, General, or Resource, this tab allows you to import new versions of the content associated with the Course Identifier. This tab also allows you to define the Path to a Resource, such as a web page or external resource. See the Uploading New Versions of Courses topic for details.

Attachments – From here you can upload any associated handouts or QRG’s. The user will see these in the Course Summary window and links to the attachments can be sent in Email Templates, using the Attachments variable.

TPArrowUpload the following formats:  .docx, .pdf, .xlsx. not to exceed 10MB (binary) in size.


Paths – Displays any Learning Path to which the Course is assigned. Courses cannot be added to Learning Paths from this tab.

Compliance (when enabled) – Displays any Compliance Body(ies) to which the Course is assigned. Click the appropriate toolbar button to Add, Edit, or Delete a Compliance Body from the Course.

TPArrowThis tab is only available PROVIDED the Compliance module has been activated in Settings > Modules, and at least one active Compliance Body exists.

Prerequisites – Allows you to define required prerequisites before users can enroll in or launch the Course.

TPArrowThe Prerequisite Course(s) must be an existing and active Course in the Library before it can be applied.


Waitlist (Scheduled Course Types only) – Allows you to see users who have are waitlisted for this Course. Report on waitlisted users via the Training Tracking Report by selecting "Waitlisted" from the History Status > Open drop down.

Interested (Scheduled Course Types only) – Allows you to see users who have registered Interest for this Course. You can also add users who have expressed interest or need to take the Course. Report on Interested users via the Training Tracking Report by selecting "Interested" from the History Status > Open drop down.

TPArrowThis tab is only available for Scheduled Courses.

Summary – Displays the Course Name, Description (if/as completed on the Additional tab) and an Action section appropriate for the Course Type.