Setting Course Type defaults

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Setting Course Type defaults

Setting defaults for each Course Type will allow you to quickly create Courses by defining the most commonly-required settings. As Courses are added, any of these settings can be changed as appropriate to the Course.

These steps should be performed for EACH Course Type.

ProdTip Productivity Tip

When reviewing multiple Course Types, you can click the Course Types link at the top of the page to display all Course Types.

Setting Course Types - Clip 1

1.Navigate to the Library page.

2.Click the three dot Options menu, and then select Course Types.

3.Click the Course Type link (or click in the row and click the Edit record Edit Record button on the toolbar) or add a custom Course Type add. (it is highly recommended to reach out for a discussion with before creating custom course types)

4.OPTIONAL:  On the Detail page:

a.Auto Generate Course ID is selected by default. Un-check if you'd like to define the course IDs each time you add a new course of this type to the library.

b.Select the Allow Review check box if you would like users to be able to re-launch Courses from their Learning Record > Actions. Re-launching a course in this way will not update existing tracking data for that Learning Record/Course combination.

TPArrowThis setting is not available for the Scheduled Course Type as it is relevant to scheduled Events on the Calendar.

c.Clear the Allow Adding Courses check box to prevent LMS admins from seeing this Course Type when adding Courses to the Library. This allows you to archive a course type so that no more courses can be added for it but it will remain a filter option in the reports. Checking this box when adding a new course type can also temporarily disable the ability to add new courses for the type until you are ready to use it.


For the Intellek Course Type, this setting should always remain unchecked.

d.Click Save Button if you have changed any settings.

5.Click the Defaults tab at the right side of the page.

6.As appropriate, click the field arrows to select the required default options for each field on the page.

ProdTip  Productivity Tip

For Duration, enter the amount of time in Minutes or Hours. For eLearning Courses, Duration is a required field, so entering a default average duration for Courses will help you quickly upload packaged courses without having to enter this setting for each Course.

TPArrowCategories/Subcategories, Vendors, Certificates, and Surveys need to be created before they can be set as default values. These can also be selected at the time the Course is being added to the Library.

7.Click Save Button.


Allow Review is for AICCC/SCORM content, this allows a user to re-run a course from their Learning Record tab but will not update their existing tracking data for that Learning Record / Course combination. Allow Adding Courses determines which Course Types will display in the drop-down when adding a course from within the LMS. This allows CFMs to archive a course type so that no more courses can be added but they will still be able to filter by that data in the reports, alternatively it also allows them to create a new Course Type but not permit their LMS Admins to add new courses until they are ready to use it. Let me know if you need more info