Adding Scheduled Courses

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Adding Scheduled Courses

Learn More - Watch!The Scheduled Course Type should be assigned to any training that has a defined date, time, and location (e.g., Instructor-led training, webinars, etc.). Scheduled Courses are placed on the Calendar as Events.

1.Navigate to the Library page.

2.Click Add Course Add Record on the toolbar.

3.Select Scheduled as the Course Type.

4.Complete all the required fields.

KeyInfo  Key Information

The Enrollment Open option allows you to define how many days in advance of the Event a user can enroll.

The Enrollment Close option allows you to define how close to the Event start time a user can continue to enroll. You can leave the default setting.

Entering an Event Size will set the default when scheduling this Course on the Calendar as an Event. This information has a direct impact on the  functionality and can be overwritten when scheduling the Event on the Calendar.

5.Click Save Button.

6.Complete the information on the other tabs on the right side of the page as required.

7.Click Save Button.