Interested Threshold

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Interested Threshold


A notification email can be sent to a Scheduled Course owner when the number of Interested Users has met the Threshold.

Course Interest Configurations

Threshold configurations are found at Library > 3 dot option > Settings > Course Interest. Course owners can use the resulting Course Interest email notification to plan a next event based on user interest. Emails must first be enabled and the threshold number must be either set as a global default or overridden by a course-specific threshold set within the course.

Check Send email when threshold reached to enable email notifications to be sent to a Scheduled Course Owner when the Course's Interested list reaches a threshhold number of users as defined the Course Interest section of a Scheduled Course. This feature is disabled by default.


Set a global, default threshold for all Scheduled Course Interested lists to prompt an email to the course owner when reached. This default threshold will be used on all scheduled courses unless specifically overridden within the course.


If no specific threshold is identified within a scheduled course (Course Interest Notification below), the default threshold will be used, if enabled.

Course Interest Notification

Individual Scheduled courses have a Course Interest Notification configuration to define the threshold of users in the Interested list that should prompt an email to the Course owner (if emails are enabled).


Global default threshold

1.The global default threshold set in Library > 3 dot option > Settings > Course Interest can prevail or

Set a course-specific threshold

2.Check Override Default Threshold to override any default thresholds previously set in calendar settings.

3.Enter the course-specific threshold