Adding Courses to the Library

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Adding Courses to the Library

Prior to adding a Course or Learning Path to the LMS, you should consider the information that will be required for both users and managers to easily locate the Course or Learning Path, such as Delivery, Sub-delivery, Category and Subcategory. In addition to naming a Course accurately to reflect its content, you can use additional fields to help define its use. Carefully structuring and defining these additional fields will help you create a consistent database and fully leverage your resources.


Though max upload size is 1.1GB, we still recommend the max single file size does not exceed 600MB to ensure you do not run into any bandwidth issues.  If you're unsure, please talk with your IT department as they will be able to confirm if this is an issue for your organization.


When you add a new Course to the Library, the default Setting for displaying to the user as New is 7 days (irrelevant of the Course Type you are adding). You can change this via the Library > Settings page.

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